Where Jesus Becomes Real!

Every Sunday • 11:30am

Jesus Reigns Fellowship

1406 E Gold Coast Rd
Papillion, NE 68046

Encounter Jesus

Jesus wants to know you, and you him, personally. Find out what that means, where to begin, and where to go. Your journey of answers and a gratifying life await you!

Live Free

Not all Christians have the freedom the cross paid for. Come forth and overcome self-sabotaging ways unto real peace!

Know Your Value

Break free from the words and expectations this world has limited you with. Arise knowing your true potential as a Beloved Child of the Most High God and be empowered by who Jesus says you are!

Life of Impact

By your identity and power in Christ, boldly become a life giving person who lives, not for the pleasing of other, but in the pleasing of God himself as his faithful servant. Heaven will rejoice you do!