Actually Meet Jesus

You might know all about Him, but do you want truely know Him?

Knowing about Jesus is far different than intimately & relationally knowing him so well that hearing his voice and seeing his glory happens regularly. John 10:27-28

Jesus has all answers to every struggle and challenge. We're ready to connect you to his intimate presence so you can directly hear and follow him, living his abundant life.

Water Baptism

Bury the Old and Arise in the New!
Rom 6:1-7

Baptism is our agreement to die to our self-will and to live, by our Love for Jesus, his will as he is our Lord. This prophetic act of circumcising the heart sanctifies your flesh to Jesus as your body becomes his, being baptized into Christ. Col 2:11-15, Gal 3:27

The decision to be baptized is a serious commitment/agreement to live as the Lord wills, putting your full trust in him. If you are ready, we'd love to help you take this huge step into Jesus's Greater.

Home Groups

Welcome Home!

Because it doesn’t matter who you know as much as it matters who really knows you. Really knowing and being known is difficult in our time and culture. Join a Home Group to find people who will love you unconditionally, support you when life is difficult and celebrate with you when life gives you wins!

Join the Mission

It's not about us.

Church is the only organization that exists for the sole purpose of the non-member. We live for others. It’s not about us. God calls us to reach outside our walls and love the world around us. We were placed here to serve the world. Find out how you can get on mission. We have opportunities for you to serve close to home or on the other side of the world.

Tell Your Story

Every person who walks through our doors has a story.

You have a life that has been impacted by others and you have impacted other’s lives. You matter to us and we want to hear your story. Tell us your story and listen to other stories of God’s faithfulness.

Get Connected